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Arnulf Stenzl

Professor Arnulf Stenzl is Director of the Department of Urology, University of Tuebingen Medical School. Professor Stenzl is author or co-author on more than 700 publications and scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, is member of innumerous public and privately initiated steering committees and advisory boards on all kind of urologic topics. He holds 2 international patents. He has been Chairman of the Scientific Congress Office of the European Association of Urology  (EAU) from 2012-9 and is now Secretary General of the EAU. Furthermore, he is a Board member of the European Cancer Organization and past president of the German Association of Urology. He is member of various national and international urological associations as well as on the Editorial Board of several Journals. His major research interests are bladder and prostate cancer and reconstructive urology. Additionally he is investigator of numerous clinical trials, and organized numerous national and international symposiums related to uro-oncology (in particular prostate and bladder cancer) as well other urologic subjects. He was granted  "Doctor honoris causa" because of his worldwide recognition and contribution to the development in the field of Urology.