Olivier Traxer

Dr. Olivier Traxer is Professor of Urology and Chairman of the Urology Department in the Tenon Hospital, Sorbonne University, Paris, France. He is also responsible of the department of minimally invasive surgery and Director of the Clinical Research Center (GRC Lithiase #20) at Sorbonne University. Olivier Traxer main fields of interests are stone disease (surgical and medical management) and conservative treatment of UTUC.

He published more than 350 per-reviewed papers and is a board member of: the EndoUrological Society, the French Association of Urology (AFU) and EAU board member of the EULIS and ESUT. He is an active member of AAEU and AAGUS and was the treasurer of SIU. Oliver Traxer received in 2010 the Arthur Smith Award and the Ralph Clayman Mentor Award in 2020. He was also the president of the World Congress of EndoUrology in Paris 2018 (WCE2018).